Number Exchanges


A new service will take place this year at Yateley 10km.  Runners will be allowed to transfer their numbers up until 8pm on the Night before the race. 

To do a transfer the athlete that bought the number must:    

  • Log into your User Profile within the registration system (
  • As a registrant you can then edit your entry details and also start a ‘Transfer’ to another runner.
  • To do this, navigate to the Registration Details page of the Yateley 10k 2017 entry.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a ‘Transfer Ticket’ button, click this and then add the other runners details.  
  • The new runner will then receive an email asking them to complete the Transfer process.
  • Please be aware that if the new runner doesn't complete the transfer process by 8pm, the night before each race, the place will be not be transferred to the new runner.

The new entrant details will then be transferred directly within the system.  

However, please be aware that depending on when you complete a transfer the numbers may have already been packed.  Therefore the name of the original buyer may well still be on the number so please remember to pick up the number with the correct name on it.  




These Number exchange detail updates are important as:-

1. If you are injured, or worse, during the race, we do not know who you are and who your emergency contact is. This means we cant get hold of people you know and we will ring the original Emergency contact saying you have been taken ill etc, etc.  

2. If someone runs in your number it can cause issues with results - If you are a senior male running in a number allocated to a 74-year-old woman and it suddenly looks like a world record has been set.




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Once again a big thank you to the committee, volunteers and runners who have made the 2018 a resounding success

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Prices once again remain the same again fro 2018


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